Brown velvet valentines cupcakes 

Wow let me try those babies, they sound delicious – not!

My valentines red velvet cupcakes didn’t quite have the desired glowing red middle that I wanted and I really don’t know why? I followed the method exactly this time ( admittedly sometimes I rush and get things wrong). However, they are blinking scrummy and brown velvet has a certain ring to it I think.

I had trouble finding bun cases for these valentine specials. I really wanted red foil but couldn’t find them anywhere so I ended up with these slightly cheesy heart cases.



I used a Nigella red velvet cupcake recipe. I followed the recipe but I didn’t have the exact red paste that Nigella used. I bought and used a tube of Dr Oetker red gel colouring. I added this to the wet ingredients and it made a glorious red mix. I then added the dry ingredients which included cocoa and I think this was the downfall of this recipe. As soon as I did this the glowing red turned into an unsatisfactory brown. As I said these are delicious so the colour doesn’t really matter but if I was to do this buy accutane pharmacy online again I would try it without cocoa. As I am writing this Tim is tucking into a cupcake and said ” I really like the hint of cocoa” so maybe I will keep it in and just have brown velvet.


I added a little extra as it was for a special occasion and topped each cake with a red fondant heart which I think looks so lovely and also added a little glitter for sparkle. I have only just discovered edible glitter and now I love it. I bought it from a pound shop so not exactly extravagant either. If you are thinking about making these scrumptious little devils I would recommend halving the icing ingredients ( if you are icing by hand like I did) because I have a bowl full of icing left over. If you are going to pipe them you may need the full amount. I am going to freeze what I have left over for next time, because there will be a next time.


This is the first red velvet cupcakes I have made and it certainly wont be my last.

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