Salted caramel & Cadburys cream egg brownies

This weekend I decided to indulge and make my all-time favourite – salted caramel brownies. However as it’s nearly Easter I thought I would try something new (and join the cream egg craze) and make a cream egg brownie as well. Now to stop any confusion, I didn’t mix salted caramel and cream egg together …however I am sure that would be delicious, I made 2 separate brownies.

My brownies are so simple to make. Chuck everything in the mixer, mix together, bake, eat and feel sick….perfect! I have one very important and (not so) secret ingredient – melted chocolate. I melt Bourneville chocolate and pour into the mixture for that extra chocolatey goodness!


275g (10oz) Stork

375 (13oz) caster sugar

4 free range eggs

75g (3oz) Cadburys Bourneville cocoa powder

100g (4oz) Homepride self raising flour

100g (4oz) Cadburys Bourneville chocolate, melted

Toppings ( optional)

3 Cadburys cream eggs

4 tbsp salted caramel sauce


I wanted to make two different brownie flavours so I used 2 small round cake tins, unconventional but worked a treat and it was all I had in the house. I lined each tin with grease proof and then greased the sides with butter. I split the mix into half and then added my toppings. I broke each cream egg into 5 or 6 pieces and scattered over the top. I have seen others putting half an egg into each slice however I think my method creates more oozy yummy goodness all over. I cheated a little a bought a jar of pre-made salted caramel as I was under quite tight time restraints (the rugby was starting at 5pm). I drizzled the salted caramel all over the top and then placed both in the oven at 180°C for 40 – 45 minutes however I think this is a little too high as mine burnt ( I have not made brownies in this oven before). I didn’t really want to show this but as is the name of my blog, purchase accutane baked to imperfection, I thought it was only fair that I should be honest with you all.

I had to cut off the edges as they were a bit black but you wouldn’t of known if I didn’t shown you the pic would you!?! The middle was still very moist and gooey and I can assure you there were no complaints. So next time I think I would bake for a similar amount of time but lower the over temperature to 165°C. These are an easy and quick bake and a great place for anyone starting out in the baking world.

Brownie update

I was recently asked to make 120 brownies for a local charity event at Arnos Vale Cemetery. I used my trusty brownie recipe and they went down a storm. I baked them at 170 degrees C and as there were 2 batches in the oven at once they took about 50 – 55 minutes. The best way to check if a brownie is cooked is to give it a little wobble. You want the top to be set but the underneath to still have a bit of a wobble. I baked these brownies for a little longer than normal as I wanted them to set firm so I could cut them neatly for the event.  If I was just eating these at home I may have given them 5 minutes less. I was in the kitchen for a very long time and didn’t want to see another brownies again for at least a day ( hehe) but this recipe is so great to work with, very simple and adaptable. You can scale it up or down and add toppings if you want to but I didn’t for this lot as I wanted to stick with an all round classic people pleaser. I even got a mention in the programme!

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  1. I am so happy you followed me on Twitter, because now I have found your site and can look at all your insanely amazing recipes and drool and wonder if I’ll ever be able to make anything so decent looking!

    1. bakedtoimperfection says: Reply

      Wow what a lovely comment to read on a Monday evening 🙂 Thank you so much, so kind of you. It’s great to find a fellow Bristolian blogger. Do you bake? Chonnie x

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