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I recently asked my Twitter family to recommend a beginners piping set as I don’t have one and I am looking to ‘up my icing game’. The lovely people at Andrew James then sent me a set to review which was very exciting!! I decided to make some salted caramel cupcakes to test my new set. You can see how I made my salted caramel cupcakes here.


If like me you like things neat and organised then this is the piping set for you. I was so impressed with the lovely black box it came in. Inside, there is a set place for everything so it can be put away quick and tidy. There is a great selection of nozzles, probably a few too many for a beginner like me but I can work my way up so this set will last me for many years.



I have used a piping set before but they do vary. There weren’t any instructions in this set which for me was a little bit of a downfall. Anyway, I worked out that I needed to insert the bottom of the coupler into the bag, then snip off the end of the bag. Then insert the nozzle of my choice and hold it in place with the other end of the coupler. I did struggle to know how much to cut off because I wanted the icing to get through with no obstructions but also didn’t want the coupler to pop out with the pressure when I was icing.

Revision: I have since spoken to a few people who know a lot more than me and it seems I have put the coupler in the bag incorrectly. Here is a handy video of how to do it properly. I don’t think I cut off enough of the bag and therefore my nozzles buy accutane pills online were in the wrong place. The reason you use a coupler is so that you can interchange nozzles which was an issue I had with this set. I am going to try again and I will give you an update! 


Wow, what a lovely selection of nozzles this set includes. I really like the sea shell shape one (see below), I love the effect on each blob of icing. I tried a few of the more intricate nozzles but my icing squirted out the narrow holes like an exploding toothpaste …. I think this was down to my buttercream, maybe a little lump in there or something?! Can anyone help on that or have any idea where I am going wrong?

As these bags are reusable I needed to wash it up and pack away. I turned it inside out and washed with hot soapy water and it came out good as new. I dried it overnight on top of a glass so it was standing up, that way all the water could drip off. Perfect and less waste which is always good.


I think this is a lovely set and would make a great gift for any keen bakers in the family. I do think it would be more suitable for someone with a few years of icing experience rather than a beginner. The box which it comes in is such a lovely idea and makes it easy to pack away in a kitchen drawer.

Thanks so much to Andrew James for asking me to review this product, I had a lot of fun ( as you can see from the mess below!)

If you want to get your own piping set from Andrew James you can shop online here.


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  1. Great review – as you say would have been good to have some instructions! For the buttercream I always beat my butter til very pale and soft before adding sifted icing sugar, I then add a little boiled water hot from the kettle and beat some more it helps dissolve the icing sugar a little and stops lumpy bits hope that helps.

    1. Thanks for you comment Becks. Sammie suggested I look at a video on Youtube – now I know where I went wrong thankfully but yes I think some simple instructions would be useful. Oh hot water, great idea. Thank you for the tips, will definitely try that next time xxx

  2. Hi Chonnie!

    Thanks for reviewing our set – I’m so pleased you had fun using it! You’re right, there are a LOT of different nozzles and I hope you get the opportunity to use them all 🙂

    We’re definitely going to take your feedback on board concerning the instructions and I hope this is something we can action in the future.

    All the best from the AJ Team,

    Andrew James UK

    P.S. Thanks for the salted caramel cupcake recipe – definitely one to try!

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